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Stuff We Use

We were inspired to start our podcast and online platform by other people we admired doing the same thing. Starting a website, blog, or podcast is a great way to hone your communication skills, control your online presence, and start conversations about things you care about. It’s one of the most challenging, but rewarding things you can do; and we think everyone should give it a shot! Here are the tools and resources we use to get you started on your way.

WordPressWordPress is the best online platform building tool we know of. Nearly 25% of all websites are run using WordPress as a back end. You can start a blog absolutely free at and get started building your online presence right now!

Bluehost and If you’re looking for a more powerful, versatile web building experience, this is a deadly combination. Bluehost provides excellent hosting for your websites, unlimited domains on a single hosting account, and great customer service. Plans start as low as $5.99/month, and you get a free domain when you sign up, so you can become legit quickly. Once you’re signed up, install for the full range of WordPress tools, themes, plugins, and more.

Blubrry Podcast Hosting: