Season 2?

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Friends and fans, You may have noticed we’ve taken like a half-year hiatus from producing SPI episodes. Buuuuuut, we’re feeling pretty mentally sluggish and in desperate need of intellectual stimulation, so Adam and I have started very early talks about bringing the … Continued

SPI #20 — Tales! Of! Intellect!

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Sometimes, we all just like to sit back and listen to a story.Maybe something romantic, or action-packed, or fun. A good story can come in many forms, and make the audience feel a broad range of different emotions. But, this … Continued

SPI #19 — Outdated

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What do Body Mass Index, the English measurement system, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average have in common? They’re all living fossils, masterfully preserved in our culture for… well… no discernible reason. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “That’s the way … Continued

SPI Minisode #2 — Licensed to Cast

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This week, we’ve got an episode for you that once again pushes far beyond the boundaries of political correctness (yay!). It’s an episode we recorded a long time ago and saved for a rainy day while we’re preparing even more … Continued

SPI #17 – Put Me in, Coach!

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Well, here we are at Episode #17. This week’s show is a bit more introspective; we’re talking about what coaching is and whether we should get ourselves a coach to improve our performance in various aspects of life. As promised, … Continued

SPI #16 – Is Anybody Out There?

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There are trillions of trillions of stars in the observable universe. Billions upon billions of earth-like planets that might support life. All estimates of probability point to the existence of several other advanced, intelligent civilizations in the galaxy. And yet… … Continued

SPI #15 – Correct Me If I’m Wrong

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One of the best inventions mankind has ever come up with is political correctness. …pffffffft, as if. SPI #15 — Correct Me If I’m Wrong investigates the way we communicate with each other on topics we disagree on. You’ll hear … Continued

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