Love our show? Well, you might find yourself wanting to know more about the men behind the mics. Here’s a bit about the show and its regular hosts, Adam and Travis.


Adam DreherIMG_7574

Adam can cook a minute egg in 58 seconds. He has a skeletal structure made of pure titanium. His only weakness is a plastic fine-toothed comb.

The above information was placed here by the one and only Travis Lane as a placeholder until I got around to typing something up.  But I think it is fantastic, so it stays (it is also true).

My day job / career / passion is teaching.  I teach 5th graders at a small district outside the Wichita area, and I don’t plan on leaving until everyone learns in virtual reality and teachers are no longer needed, or until this podcast starts making tons of money.  After work I hang out with my super hot wife who owns a photography business, and play with my two awesome sons Sutton and Ren.

I have my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a masters in Curriculum and Instruction.  Those two degrees taught me much, but I do not hold that education as what makes me a self-proclaimed intellectual.  To me being intellectual is not just being ‘smart’, it is the desire and drive to learn, the ability to open yourself to other sides of the conversation, and to have the ability to discuss, not just argue.  I am also the humblest person I know.

If you think I sound interesting feel free to send me an email to let me know, I will use it to prove to my wife that I am as awesome as I think I am.  In the mean time, enjoy the podcast!





IMG_7584Travis Lane

So one day out of the blue, Adam texts me and asks, “Do you want to start a podcast together?” I absolutely love podcasts and have learned a ton from them on my daily commute, so naturally I was thrilled by the idea. And here we are.

By day, I’m an aerospace structural engineer, doing math that makes sure planes don’t fall out of the sky. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Leadership. I’m an avid student of personal development, and I’m constantly trying to build the next big thing. Maybe it’s this podcast. Maybe it’s my personal website at I don’t know what will eventually take off, but my goal is to become self-employed by teaching and informing people how to lead better, smarter lives.

I have an amazing wife named Montana and an awesome son, Greyson. I’m about 5’7″ short because my growth was stunted by the sheer weight of my brain. My heroes are Jesus, my dad, Dave Ramsey, Jim Collins, Dan Miller, Andy Stanley, and anyone left-handed. My enemies are reality TV, top 40 music “artists”, and drawing animals (except for cats and lions, which are just cats with a mane). I’m glad you’re here and hope you enjoy what we have to offer at SPI!